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Samuel Smythe

"Cat, obviously, was Samuel Smythe's cat.  He had a respectable, medium length tail, terrible allergies, and though he was rather average in size, he was by no means average.  He often sneezed, and sometimes to his great embarrassment, his fur would get little white flakes; his allergies don't you know."


"'What is her deal,' Rowena Smythe damanded as she and Samuel Smythe climbed into her pink, bright pink, convertible Cadillac.  The car was, ginormous, as they say.  And although it is a little embarrassing to be riding around town in a bright pink, convertible Cadillac... there is also a little bit of a cool factor as well"

"Samuel Smythe sat at the table working on his homework.  It was an excruciatingly tedious assignment requiring thank you notes to various members of the local zoo.  Now, one might find it hypocritical that a ten year old boy would scoff at the idea of writing letters to animals when he had daily conversations with his cat.  Conversations, however, is the key word here.  Samuel Smythe actually converses with Cat."

Mrs. Sluffingan

Planes and Trains...

"Mrs. Sluffingan was, well, let us say charming for now.  She was almost six feet tall.  She was rather thin and had, how could it best be described, well, rather enormous hair.  It wasn't long, just past her neck in the back, and it wasn't an afro like in the late sixties and early seventies.  No, Mrs. Sluffingan could never be so stylish as to be considered retro."

"Samuel Smthye had his head, nearly inside his Grandmother's purse, he was talking to Cat.  'We are almost there, Cat.  We are trying to get off the plane.' 'I am out of snacks.  And I don't like romance novels, for future reference,' Cat replied.  Samuel Smythe tried to hold his breath as his nostrils filled with a sharp and tangy odor.  He felt it all the way to the back of his throat..."


"What would happen if you crossed Harry Potter and a Hardy Boy and then gave him James Bond for a dad? Well, you'd have Samuel Smythe..."  -Stephanie Fowler





"An extraordinary boy and an extraordinary family!  The Smythe family is one that reaches both within and beyond the normal bonds of blood relation.  Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Missing Papers is an intriguing tale filled with excitement, mystery, and intrigue.  This is the first in a series of adventures of Samuel Smythe."  -Patty Gregorio







"If you crossed James Bond and Harry Potter, then added a little bit of Mexico, You would get Samuel Smythe and the Mystery of the Missing Papers. This is a great book that everyone should read." -Sam Heller

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